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In addition to the obvious advantage of mobility, the GSM network also offers significant cost advantage to the subscribers. This motivates organizations to switch to mobile networks. They want to use the GSM networks for making and receiving calls even during office hours from their desks using their existing PBX.


Presenting SIMADO GFX11, a compact and intelligent terminal that satisfies all your voice communication needs using the GSM line. The FXS port of the SIMADO GFX11 can be interfaced to the trunk (CO) port of any PBX. This allows all users of the PBX to make and receive calls through the GSM line.


Let Matrix SIMADO GFX11 be the bridge between your PBX and the GSM networks and add a competitive edge to your business by reducing telephony cost!


Matrix SIMADO GFX11 is a gateway to interface GSM and Plain Old Telephone System (POTS) networks. On the GSM side, it supports 2G Quad-Band operation and 3G Tri-Band allowing it to work with any GSM/3G network. On the POTS side, the FXS port can be connected to any existing PBX.


Incoming calls on the GSM port are routed to the FXS port to reach the operator or any extension of the PBX. For outgoing calls, the PBX users continue dialing the numbers as if dialing on the normal trunk (CO) lines. Thus, the existing PBX users can avail the low tariff of GSM networks by connecting SIMADO GFX11 with the PBX without changing their existing infrastructure. In addition, Matrix SIMADO GFX11 can also be used in a stand-alone mode.


Access to long distance and international dialing can be controlled by programming Allowed and Denied Lists. This logic allows flexibility of allowing access to certain numbers while restricting to all others. Number Translation feature automatically adds area code as prefix to a number before dialing it out on the GSM. Moreover, features like Hotline, Signal Strength Indication and Location Information Indication and Network Selection are also supported.


Matrix SIMADO GFX11 finds its applications in corporate offices, factories, call centers, hotels, residences and other such establishments.


Application Diagrams



                                                                   SIMADO GFX11 With PBX



                                                        SIMADO GFX11 in Stand-alone Mode


Features List

Software features

Allowed and Denied Lists

IMEI Number

Answer Signaling on FXS Port

LED Indications

Automatic Number Translation

Location Information Indication

Call Divert

Network Selection

Call Duration Display

Programming through the FXS port

Call Progress Tones and Rings

Signal Strength Indication

Calling Line Identification and Presentation (CLIP)


Calling Line Identity Restriction (CLIR)


Disconnect Signaling on FXS Port

SMS (Receive and Delete)

Emergency Number Dialing

System Password



Hardware Features

3G Network Support (SIMADO GFX11 3G)

Quad-Band Support

Compact and Sturdy Design

SMT Technology

LED Indications

Wall and Table-top Mounting

* Depends on GSM frequency band


Technical Specifications

GSM Port

GSM Band

  • Quad-Band: GSM850, EGSM900, DCS1800, PCS1900
  • Tri-Band: WCDMA 850/1900/2100 MHz

SIM Card


SIM Interface

1.8V, 3V

Transmission Power

  • Class 4 (2W) at GSM 850 and EGSM900 MHz band
  • Class 1 (1W) at DCS1800 and PCS1900 MHz band
  • Class 3 (0.25W) at WCDMA 850/1900/2100

RF Sensitivity

  • Better than -102dBm at GSM850/EGSM900/DCS1800/PCS1900
  • Better than -106dBm at WCDMA 850
  • Better than -108dBm at WCDMA 1900/2100

External Antenna

1.8/2.5*dBi, 50W, TNC (Male) Connector, Fixed Omni Directional Swivel Antenna

Speech Gain (Transmit- Receive)

Programmable in step of 1 dB

FXS (SLT) Port



Off Hook AC Impedance


Loop Limit

250WΩ (Max) Excluding Telephone Set

Loop Feed

40mA (Max)

Ringing Voltage

55Vrms @25Hz Trapezoidal

Pulse Dialing

10 PPS +/- 10%, Make/Break=33:67ms

DTMF Dialing and Reception

ITU-T Q.23 and Q.24

Caller ID Presentation (CLIP)

DTMF, FSK ITU-T V.23 and FSK Bellcore 202A

Call Maturity

Polarity Reversal

LED Indications

Power Supply, Network, SIM and FXS


Solid state (Over Voltage) built-in Secondary Protection

Power Supply


12VDC @1.25A Through External Adaptor (90- 265VAC, 47-65Hz)

Power Consumption

5W (Typical)


Casio DC Power Jack


Dimensions (WxHxD)

13 x19.7x4.3cm (5.26"x7.80"x1.76")

Unit Weight

0.36kg (0.8 lbs) Approx.

Shipping Weight

1.0kg (2.2lbs) Approx.


ABS Plastic

Installation Mounting

Wall and Table-Top


Operating Temperature

0°C to +55°C (34°F to +131°F)

Storage Temperature

-40°C to +85°C (-40°F to +185°F)

Operating Humidity

5-95% RH (Non-Condensing)

Storage Humidity

0-95% RH (Non-Condensing) at 40°C

* Depends on GSM frequency band


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